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Ice Fishing Lunker Lake Trout

Ice Fishing Lunker Lake Trout

June 16, 2020 by

The ice fishing season on Clearwater Lake was absolutely spectacular for us this year. We fished at the end of March and end of April, both doing very well catching 5 masters at the end of March and 3 at the end of April. 

Within minutes in the morning of March 19, which was our first day fishing, I (Josh), caught a 34 inch lake trout. As we were about to release the fish, a friend of ours Reid Hunter, hooked into a 37 inch.  Thirty minutes later my younger cousin caught a fat 36 inch which was his first master angler ever. During the next few days we managed to pull in a 35 inch lake trout on a dead rod as well as a 35 and 40 inch in our tent. It was a great couple days fishing to say the least. 

Near the end of April, we had a mix of weather from blizzards to heat and slush. It made it interesting getting out to our spot. Originally we started with snow machines but finished with quads. I took a friend out Ty Dornn and he was able to hook into his first master angler which came in at 37.5 inches. Over the next few days we were able to land a 37 inch as well as a 38.5 inch fish, both of which put very strong and aggressive fights. The ice season treated us very well this year and goes to show the amount of these trophy fish in Clearwater Lake. 

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