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About Clearwater Outfitters

Why Hunt With Us?

Why Hunt With Us?

Clearwater Outfitters is a family run business and we take pride in providing you a quality bear hunt. Our area is home to world class black bears and we work hard around the clock to get you on one. We also believe in having a good time and forming relationships with our clients. It is common to visit around the table or the fire, have a drink, tell stories and just have fun, that’s what bear camp is all about.

We know that for many of our clients, they are on a vacation just as much as they are on a hunt, and that is part of the reason why we excel. We have a lot to offer besides just bear hunting, like relaxing in the gorgeous Canadian wilderness, fishing on our pristine lakes or visiting with fellow hunters and guides. Manitoba is known for its size and number of black bears and we are no exception. There are many trophy black bears and color bears in our area, and we go the extra mile to put them in front of you. If you are looking to go on a black bear hunt we are the place for you.

Trophy Black Bear Hunts

Who We Are

Who We Are

Owner and guide, Josh is a third generation bear guide and outfitter in the Kobelka family. He was introduced to hunting, fishing and outfitting at a very young age and it sparked a passion in him that has never left. Josh has been involved with the bear guiding business from a young age. He recently took over his grandpa, Ken Kobelka's part of the bear business.

Ken took a step back from the bear business as he is very busy running the Evergreen Resort Lodge, as well as fish and waterfowl guiding. Ken was a bear outfitter and guide for over 20 years. Often Ken will still guide for Clearwater Outfitters today. If you are lucky enough to have Ken as your guide you are in very good hands.

Mark Kobelka who is Ken’s son and Josh’s dad, is also a guide and outfitter and he too has been guiding for black bears for over 20 years. In addition to bear guiding, Mark is also an experienced waterfowl and fishing guide. Mark is an avid hunter himself, hunting deer, moose, and elk. When you come to Clearwater Outfitters you will be in very good hands, hunting with people who are knowledgeable, personable and work hard for you.

Arrival and  Typical Day

Arrival and A Typical Day

Your stay may differ slightly depending on if you are staying at the lodge or our tent camp, but the days are generally pretty similar. Once you arrive we will provide you with all accommodations and transportation. The first day of your arrival we usually like to visit and get to know each other better. We want to know what you are expecting from your hunt so we can put you on the right baits and bears. Next, we will go over how to judge the size of bears and have a safety meeting so everyone is on the same page.

The rest of the week will look pretty similar. Typically, the hunters will wake up around 8am and have a home cooked breakfast. After breakfast, many hunters will take advantage of our exceptional fishing we offer at both the lodge and camp. If fishing isn’t your thing, hunters may visit, relax, shoot their weapons and prepare for the bear hunt ahead. Sometime around 2pm, we will have a large supper that will fuel you for your evening hunt. After supper we will leave for your bait site that we have chosen based on what type of bear you are wanting to harvest. Hunters will be dropped off at their stands by their guide who will freshen up the baits and make sure you are set up before they leave. Typically the guides and hunters will have some sort of communication. If you shoot a bear, the guide will return to your stand and will track and recover your bear, otherwise they will pick you up shortly after dark. Back at camp the guides will skin your bear and prepare your meat and hide for transport. Before bed there will be a hot hearty meal.