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Fall and Winter Recap!

Fall and Winter Recap!

April 10, 2020 by

We ended our 2019 fall bear season with a bang. We only had 1 week of hunters booked for the fall so it was a quick season with all five of our hunters tagging out in two days. Since then, we've been busy getting ready for next season updating our logo, website and getting some promo gear!

Throughout the winter working on our new logo and website was a bit of a process but we’re really excited about how they turned out. Promo gear has also been in the works and we finally released it just a week ago! The blog has been on the back burner throughout this process but were happy to have it going now. We will be trying to post regularly so check in for what we’ve been up to!

After finishing the fall bear hunts we also managed to do some hunting of our own. We had an archery elk hunt in September and saw a lot of elk, passing on smaller ones hoping to bag a mature bull. We had multiple nice bulls hang up just out of range and a few in range but just no shot opportunity. In the end, we were unsuccessful but had an absolute blast. Early in October my dad (Mark) and I got out moose hunting and our luck had finally changed and we managed to get some meat in the freezer! Late in October and November we were also able to get out deer hunting and got a couple nice deer as well. The 2019 season was definitely one we’ll never forget. 

Spring bear season is nearing closer and closer and we are very excited to get things going. With the outbreak of covid-19, it is still not confirmed whether we will be able to have hunters or not but either way the bears will be getting fed and our baits will be kept active! 

Stay safe everyone and stay tuned for more updates! 

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