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Clearwater Lake Monster Lake Trout

Clearwater Lake Monster Lake Trout

April 13, 2020 by

Clearwater Lake is known for its massive amounts and massive sized Lake Trout. This winter we were able to get out on the ice and put that statement to the test. 

In late February, I was able to get out with my girlfriend and a friend. The first day we got on the ice later then we would like to but managed to get set up and fish for a while with very little action. At this time of year, fishing can be really slow. Many of the fish seem to be very sensitive and don’t really want to bite, often eating chum off the bottom but will not bite your hook. 

The next day we decided to use a different tactic and switched from our larger hooks like tube jigs and instead used a plain hook with a chunk of sucker belly. The bite had also picked up and we started catching more fish. We were lucky enough to have an Aqua view so we could see how the trout were reacting and it made learning about what the fish wanted a lot easier. Early in the afternoon we had a big fish come swimming through the screen shaking its head. We could see all of our hooks so we knew it did not bite any of our hooks and the dead rods we had out appeared to be untouched. The fish ending up tangling in all of our lines and we were only able to pull him up about half way. We ended up pulling the camera up and the fish came with it. We pulled the massive 40-inch fish through the Aqua view hole and it was pretty surreal to say the least.  It was a great team effort by everyone and the fish kicked off right away when we released it. Shortly after we realized that the fish had taken my dead rod but the ice had frozen the line in the ice so it appeared untouched. 

The next day we caught a few fish here and there and had a very nice fish on camera periodically throughout the day. It didn’t seem to be interested all day and would not bite our hooks but with about a half hour of daylight left he bit my line and we got him up. The fish came in at 36 inches which is an inch over a Manitoba Master Angler. 

The next day my dad (Mark) was able to come out with us and we had a pretty good day, catching fish periodically throughout the day. Very similarly to the day prior we heard a bell ringing from my dad’s dead rod and he went out to investigate. Mark ended pulling up a fat 35-inch lake trout which was a great way to end our fishing trip at Evergreen Resort. Catching a master Lake Trout three days in a row goes to show how many big fish are in this lake. 

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