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In search of the "BIG ONE"?  Our bear hunting is in an all wilderness setting during the spring and fall season.  Yes we do SPRING BAITED hunts.  We have the only commercial operating license for over 700 square miles.  We run over 60 active baits.  Our comfortable tree stands and ground blinds are set up at various distances to accommodate your weapon of choice.  There are very good color phases in our bear population.  The average size of bears is 200-400 pounds and some tipping the scale at well over 500 pounds! 

Seeing  many bears under 20 yards is very common.  I tell my hunters not to shoot on the first day so that they have an idea of the different size bears around here.  Seventy five percent of my hunters do however shoot a bear the first or second day. It is not uncommon to see numerous bears in one day.

Why hunt bears with Marksmen Outfitters?... The opportunity to harvest a monster bear or of a specific color is very high because of the 700 square miles of virtually untouched land.  The surrounding area is beautiful.  You will be very comfortable with our professional experienced guides.  All equipment is always in reliable and new shape. Most hunters will fish all morning and hunt the evenings.  Once your bear is harvested, experience some of the exceptional fishing our area offers during the rest of your stay.  If  you're a duck hunter you can duck hunt the mornings and bear hunt the evenings.  



Click here to watch Amanda bag this 6'6" Cruiser on video


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here is a picture of a sow that Chuck Clifton had harvested in 2003.

This Sow aged at 32.6 yars old.

The oldest Sow in Manitoba is aged at 32.9 years old.

Check these bear skull pictures of this nice bear taken by Tucker Reardon age 13. It looks very old with very little teeth left.

bear taken in 2004

I am waiting for an age on this bear from DNR.

well I got the age back...The age of this bore is 29.3 years old.

The oldest male bear ever recorded in Manitoba was 29.6 years old


Contact Mark Kobelka with Marksmen Outfitters Ph(204)728-9570 e-mail mark@bigbearhunts.com 114 Waterloo Cres Brandon, Manitoba Canada  R9A 1R7  



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